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Tony Kendall

Body Reflections
448 S. Maple St.
French Lick,IN 47432

Tel. 812.936.4064


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Body Reflections featured in Hollywood documentary

When Tony Kendall, owner of the Body reflections salon in French Lick, started buying antique hair dressing equipment and items made of hair, he had no idea his collection would become so popular. Displayed in the local salon, the collection was recently filmed for the movie, "History of Hair," a documentary about what hair means to us throughout time, cultures and folklore.


Not only will the World of Wonders film highlight Kendall's unique exhibit, it will feature interviews with such celebrities as Dolly Parton, Jane Seymore, Crystal Gail, Pattie LaBelle, Vanna White and others.


Robin Laven of the St. Louis Museum was the film's host, with stylist Jill Tooley serving as his makeup artist.


Director Max Thompson first heard about Kendall's collection from the National Cosmetology Association. He was amazed to see the 1920 perm machine, 1865 human hair wreath, celebrity photos, curling irons, blow dryers and other products.


"It's my personal tribute to the hair industry," said Kendall, "and something our customers can look at while getting their hair done." He also exhibits the items at the Annual Hair & Trade Show at the French Lick Springs Resort, where thousands of stylists have attended the education event.


Kendall was delighted to make his collection available for the film, since he loves to share his passion for hair by working in the salon and promoting tourism.


"Everyone has or had, hair," explained Kendall. "It connects us to the angels, yet like fur, relates us to the animals. Hair has been on our minds as long as it's been on our bodies. People get a kick out of seeing the hair collection and the professional hair care services - a team of stylists working together to make people look better and feel better."


Not only has Kendall's unusual collection received a good deal of media attention, Pivot Point of Chicago, a leader in textbook publication, has commissioned photographs from the historic exhibit.


"History of Hair" will be aired on the Arts & Entertainment network at a later date.

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