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Tony Kendall

Body Reflections
448 S. Maple St.
French Lick,IN 47432

Tel. 812.936.4064


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Zig Ziglar's Motivation for Daily Living
Author- Zig Ziglar

Picture of Zig Ziglar"The secret of the true love of work is the hope of success in that work; not for the money reward, for the time spent, or for the skill exercised, but for the successful result in the accomplishment of the work itself." -Sidney A. Weltmer


Sometimes a different idea, not necessarily a better one, is the key to making things happen in your life. For example, Tony Kendall of French Lick, Indiana, bills himself as the business guy in the hair business. He's a salon owner, stylist and platform artist. As a matter of fact, he says "Hairs My business." He has the unusual hobby of collecting old hair stuff -- everything from a 1910 model perm machine to an 1865 human hair wreath, and 1800's jewelry made of hair. He says his salon is decorated with rare artifacts and people are amazed and interested in the stories behind them.


Every year he displays the unusual items at the Annual Hair and Trade Show in September. One year nearly 400 people from nine different states attended the two-day educational event. As Tony says, even though he is from a small town, he represents the working hairstylist well. The governor of the state appointed him to the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology. He is also president of the local hairdressers association and a member of the Indiana Educational Committee. To say he's heavily involved in the hair industry would be an understatement.


His enthusiasm comes through on every level. He says his life revolves around hair and he loves making people look and feel better. He says that hair is more than just a head cover and believes there is a special reason why God put hair on our heads. He says, "The better you look, the better you fee." Incidentally, research validates that observation. Every husband knows that when his wife makes that weekly trek to the beauty shop she walks out feeling better and has a big smile on her face.


Tony carries the hair business to a new level and arouses people's interest in a creatively different way. Because I've not seen any of his work I have no idea whether his work is good, bad or indifferent, but I'll lay odds that he is better than good. A man who loves his trade as Tony obviously does, and has an interest in the history and background of so much of what the rest of us take for granted today, has go to be creative as well as very excited about the opportunity to serve the individuals who sit down in his chair.


I'm just hazarding a guess, but I'd say chances are pretty good he does not use the 1921 human hair nets he displays, no for that matter the 1930 perm machines that are part of his collection. He probably doesn't even use the Baker's Hair Tonic or the human hair dolls. As a matter of fact, most of the stuff he has in his shop is there to draw people in and serves as a great conversation starter, allowing him to make interested curiosity seekers into friends and customers. Tony's salon/museum attracts attention and those looking for a fresh approach, but he has built his clientele because of the quality of his work and the personal attention he gives them.


Yes, in these trying times a guy who takes what he does seriously and comes up with creative ways to increase business is more than likely to thrive, regardless of the economy in his locality. This is especially true if he lives in a small town and he's not "the only game in town." People truly are looking for something different and when they find someone who is enthusiastic about what he does, and who goes the "extra mile," they frequent his shop. Such a guy is Tony Kendall, the "hair guy" from French Lick, Indiana. Next time your in the neighborhood, why don't you drop in?


-Zig Ziglar, author

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"Nothing, not even sheer ability, can make up for the dedication required for successful business career.": Ray Eppert.


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